My voice finds its cadence in pigment and canvas.


Linda J Ging Paintings

Essay by Eugenia Parry
Foreword by Stuart Ashman

Ling J Ging - Book

Fresco Fine Art Publishing, Inc. 12 x 10.5 104 pages 38 paintings ( hardcover )

Linda J Ging, born in 1941 in Hutchinson, Kansas, is an American transcendentalist who has worked in quiet obscurity for nearly thirty years. Her paintings, rooted in the immense spaces and changing skies of rural Kansas, are not landscapes. They are not about things. They are dust, astral dust.

Linda J Ging rigorously eradicates all suggestions of place, material existence, and especially her own presence. She brushes on color washes in scores of translucent layers with a touch so light as to seem uncanny. She never arrives at opacity. Some suspect the use of an airbrush. The suggestion is as preposterous to her as using the wings of insects.

Her mature work pushes abstraction beyond Abstract Expressionism’s cult of personality, beyond the geometry of Rothko’s shimmering squares. Her selfless art, “beyond is and is not,” Bhagavad Gita, explores the gorgeous mysteries of nothingness, the rewards of uncertainty, the marvelous fullness of the Void.

Linda J Ging’s paintings are loved and collected worldwide. This first publication of her work reproduces in color thirty-eight of her pieces.

Eugenia Parry, photo historian and author of numerous books and articles about photography.

Stuart Ashman, Secretary of Cultural Affairs for the state of New Mexico


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